The International Journal of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering is a quarterly journal which publishes original, innovative and creative research results. The journal publishes high-quality, refereed survey research, book review, tutorial, practical and theoretical research papers.


Articles are solicited from, but not limited to the following topics:


Information Sciences:

Optimization, Soft computing, Computational intelligence, Operational research, Data mining, Computational biology and bio-informatics, Reasoning, Behaviour ecology, Decision sciences, Machine leaning, Cognitive science, Ontology, Random structures and algorithms, Dynamic systems, Language and search engine design, Database management and information retrievals, Information theory and management, Mathematical linguistics, Automata theory, Combinatory, Graph theory, Analysis of algorithms, Numerical analysis, Statistical techniques, Complexity theory, Logic and algebraic programming, Cryptography and foundation of computer security, Human-computer interface, Finance and economics modelling optimization, Virtual reality, Software engineering, and etc.


Computer Engineering:

Control and cybernetics, Manufacturing, Satellite and optical communication systems, Ad-hoc and wireless networks, Mobile computing, Network security applications, Applications of high-performance computing and novel architectures, Signal and image processing, Parallel processing and distributed computing, Quantum computing, Coding and error controls, Mobile computing for e-commerce, Supercomputing, Autonomous and adaptive communications, Grid and utility computing, VLSI design, IoT, and etc.

Also to provide a very specific coverage of a demanded research field, IJISCE offers special issues. For more information and special issue proposals send us an email: